Friday, 15 July 2011

Leeds Paper Dolls Summer Retreat

My Birthday was doubly special this year, as not only did I have a lovely pre-birthday meal with John, and a pre-pre birthday meal with my sister Dawn and her husband, I also got to go away for a weekend at the seaside with my scrapbooking pals! Unbeknown to me, the lovely Kirsty had baked me a gorgeous cake and everyone sang to me...maybe it's not so bad being 51, after all!
Knowing my love of dressing up, Janet and Lesley were kind (mad!) enough to join me on Saturday as we all dressed up in 1950's frocks and headed for Whitby, where we paddled in style (until the waves got us!) and then had a wonderful fish and chip supper before heading back to the cottage for wine and chatting, and scrapbooking too.
I made my own "Smash!" book, and the other girls all followed suit, maybe we will become known as the Leeds Smashers! Anyway, I've loved writing and painting in my book, sort of a mixture of a scrapbook, art journal and diary.
Yesterday, I decorated the inside front cover with a collage figure, inspired by a fabulous book called "Collage Couture" by Julie Nutting; I can highly recommend it if you want to have a go; easier than it looks and the results look really good, even if I do say so myself!! Here is my finished page, hope you like it...


alexa said...

She's just lovely! What a super idea to have a 50s style 'do': I bet Whitby was a lot of fun. My DH used to holiday there when he was little. In the 50s! :)

A-Mates! said...

I like your book from the last photo:) Did you draw the lady's picture by your self?